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9. Kepribadian Berdasarkan Bentuk Dahi

Dahi konon menunjukkan kecerdikan, budi pekerti, dan intelektual seseorang. Ingat Pak Habibie yang dahinya lebar? Beliau seorang profesor, pintarnya bukan main. Apakah dahi lebar selalu menunjukkan kepintaran, silakan simak saja uraian berikut.

a. Lebar, licin, tinggi, sempit, rendah:

  • Lebar: pandai, praktis, idealisme tinggi, kaya gagasan
  • Lebar, tinggi: toleran, bisa menerima masukan orang lain
  • Lebar, dalam, bulat mulus: kreatif, artistik
  • Lebar, dalam, bulat, licin: memiliki kemampuan, ingatan baik, berinisiatif, logis, cerdas, mudah menyerap ilmu
  • Sangat lebar, dalam, licin, bersih: intelek, aktif, gesit, minat besar dalam aktivitas seksual
  • Licin (+ dagu runcing dan sempit): pandai mencari gagasan, tetapi kurang pandai menerapkannya
  • Licin, tanpa garis atau alur: kehidupan lancar, hampir tidak pernah menghadapi masalah
  • Licin, melandai tajam dari garis rambut ke ketinggian alis mata: sifat spontan, sulit berkonsentrasi
  • Sangat licin: optimis
  • Sempit: sulit mendapatkan maksud dan tujuan, banyak rintangan dan kendala
  • Tinggi, sempit: selalu ingin tahu, selalu berpikir analitis/logis
  • Tinggi, dalam, bulat: idealisme tinggi, pertemanan yang kuat
  • Tinggi, licin, lebar, dalam, bebas cela: sangat cerdas, IQ tinggi
  • Rendah: praktis, to the point
  • Rendah, garis rambut rendah: banyak rintangan dalam kesuksesan karir
  • Datar: pragmatis, konsentrasi tinggi
  • Terlalu besar: pemimpi, perlu kerja keras untuk merealisasikan gagasan
  • Tertekan ke dalam (dahi terbang): tidak sabaran, spontan, prospek bagus dalam bisnis, pekerja keras, hati-hati, (+ alis mata tebal): mudah marah, ambisisus, spontan
  • Lancip: intelegensi tinggi, keberuntungan yang bagus

b. Zona:
  • Zona atas (antara garis rambut hingga alis) melebar di sepanjang garis rambut: mempunyai kemampuan berkata-kata, bakat menulis
  • Zona atas lebih panjang daripada salah satu daerah lain di kepala: introver, sulit mengembangkan hubungan pribadi yang akrab
  • Seperti bayi (menonjol di zona atas): cenderung mengintelektualkan situasi, kondisi, dan peristiwa sederhana sehingga melumpuhkan proses pengambilan keputusan mereka, menyumbat kemampuan mereka berpikir secara logik dan nalar, tidak matang, serta suka ngambek
  • Lebih panjang dari zona tengah: ketidakmampuan mengambil keputusan yang menahun dan sifat mengalah


 A person's forehead is said to represent his/her soul. There are various types and shapes of foreheads, such as high and low, wide and narrow, flat and bumped, etc. The judgment of a person's soul can be made through the size, shape and pattern of his forehead. Along with this, the lines on the forehead are also used to determine certain characters of the person. Our forehead contains information about our life at the age of 15-30 and reflects the whole life path of a person.  During these years he is under the protection of his parents and ancestors.  The shape of the person's forehead will provide useful clues as to how he or she thinks.
 In face reading the forehead's shape determines the method of thinking that the person uses (not intelligence). In real life many people will have a combination of more than one forehead profile. The closer the person is to a certain facial feature the closer he will be to the personality traits associated with it. If someone's facial feature lies in between or has two facial features then he might posses the traits of both facial features.
For example a forehead that is ,neither 100% slopped nor 100% straight, round and bumped, straight and deep, might show that the person has a combination of both personality traits associated with both types.
The forehead is classified as: 
  • Curved and a Deep Forehead
  • Straight and a Slopped Forehead
  • High and a Low Forehead
  • A Large and a Narrow Forehead
  • Round and a Rectangular Forehead
  • M shaped Forehead
  • Forehead with pointed hairline
Today we’ll try to point out the major indicators of human character based on the forehead.

 Curved out Forehead

  • Imaginations
  • Originality
  • Dislikes rigid systems
This forehead is prominent when looking sideways. This person is very creative; just notice how the forehead of those who study fine arts looks like and you will notice how most of them have curved foreheads. The curve of their head tends to occupy a large section of their brain, thus are very intelligent and you may find many geniuses in among them.
These people desire to use imagination and originality in problem solving. They seek creative alternatives, and dislike rigid systems that limit their options. They prefer to be given the problem and allowed to figure out the best solution in your own way. They have good luck on wealth for their whole life.

Deep Forehead

  • Generous and warmhearted
  • Creative and enthusiastic
  • Idealistic
They have powerful intelligence and are of a broad philosophical, sometimes religious, turn of mind.  A deep and high rounded forehead depicts their idealism. They have a desire for strong friendships. On the whole they are powers for good, for they are strongly idealistic, humane, and beneficent.
The deep forehead reveals their impatient and spontaneous manner in life. Possessing an indented forehead is not a good sign for their employment or business prospects. Plan and work carefully. Indented with powerful eyebrow ridge means they are quick tempered, impulsive and ambitious. 

Slopped Forehead


  • Good Memory
  • Quick reaction
  • Likes proven methods and procedures
This forehead seems inclining up when looking sideway. This type of person is very adventurous, and self-willed. They don't care the consequence when they decide to do something by their feeling.
These people are fast thinkers and so quick they tend to complete your sentences before you finish. They are easily bored with people with straight forehead as they cannot slow down to match their speed. You can find basketball players and football players with slopped foreheads as they are quick and fast. They are also quick decision makers and thus tend to get caught in a lot many wrong decisions.

Straight Forehead

  • Subjective thinker
  • Linear thinking
  • Step-by-step
    These are known as progressive thinkers and follow a progressive style of thinking. They cannot think of a third point, until they understand the second point. They are mostly misunderstood in childhood as dumb kids though; they turn out to be intelligent. It is the progressive style that slows down their thinking and they do not have a fast reflex response.
    They have difficulty when working under pressure and need time to think progressively. Thus many times they tend to lose their control in situations like the last few minutes before their exam ends or in case of deadlines.

    High Forehead

    • High intelligence
    • Ambitious
    • Mental agility
    A high and even forehead with a good shining gives person intelligence and a rich life to enjoy. A high forehead is auspicious for woman indicating good luck and prosperity. A high, full forehead is a sign of ability to study mental and moral subjects.  But  a high, very shallow forehead shows but little talent of any kind.
    Their mental agility and energy give them a voracious appetite for knowledge from youth onward, though they dislike the labor of learning. They easily grasp almost everything requiring intelligence and mental dexterity, and are often able to marry manual skills to their qualities of mind. Their intellect is strongly analytical and sometimes gives them so great an ability to see both sides of a question that they vacillate and find it hard to make decisions.

    Low forehead

    • Practical
    • Stubborn
    • Not thinking brain
      The forehead looks short because of the hairline is straight and low.  Their cast of mind is artistic rather than intellectual. They have good critical faculty and are able to stand back and look impartially at matters which call for an impartial judgment to be made on them. But they do not tolerate argument from anyone who challenges their opinions, for once they have reached a conclusion, its truth seems to them self-evident; and among their faults is an impatience of criticism and a greed for approval.
      A low forehead, if deep and full, shows good native ability to understand material and commercial operations.  But a forehead very low and very shallow shows neither talent nor tenderness.  Reason comes from the upper and Observation from the lower half of the forehead.

      Large Forehead

      • Busy and thinking brain
      • Intelligent and learned
       If the forehead is broad, the subject will be generous, intelligent and learned. They are extremely skilled at digesting information. They like to learn and they are capable of studying demanding, complex subjects like maths, physics or philosophy. Their intelligence needs a channel for expression.
      They are very prudent, good at spotting and assessing danger. They hate risks and all that goes with them: uncertainty, disorder and irrationality. They seek clarity, security, order and "normality." They take things slowly but surely and always plan in advance.
      They use your heart rather than your head to approach life. They are very independent and don't like to waste your time examining and decoding things.  They act first and think afterwards! Their like to learn the hard way: from their mistakes. They get your ideas and principles from experience.

      Round Forehead 

      • Conserving
      • Independent and courageous
      A rounded hairline extends toward the ear produces an oval shaped forehead. People with this type of forehead have a very strong ability and interest in finance management, so they always work seriously and diligently. For females, this signifies that she is independent and strong-minded to earn a living to support her own family including the husband.
      Persons with such a kind of a forehead can be called violent. If they set a goal they will try their best to achieve it using all measures affordable. Such people are very independent and courageous. If they made up their mind to do something they’ll definitely do it.

       Rectangular Forehead

      • Constructive
      • Over-imaginative
      • Appreciative of art
        A broad forehead with a straight hairline forms a rectangular shape. People with this type of forehead signify that they are always proficient in their study or work, and become a master as a result. It would be easy for them to rise to higher positions. They are intelligent and have tremendous luck in their studies. Their elders, such as parents, will be able to assist them in their striving
        The rectangular forehead is undoubtedly the best variant and indicates that the owner will be lucky in life. They eagerly and attentively listen to the advice of the adult people. They are able to identify with the situations of others because of the keenness of their imaginations. They are often over-imaginative and prone to fantasy, sometimes trying to shape their lives to fit some romantic ideal. They are appreciative of art and literature.

        M shaped forehead

        • Sensitive and creative
        • Strong-willed
        Such people have their hair grow in the shape of the “M” letter. It means there is a small verge in the mid of a forehead and the hair rims the temple. These types of people are very interested in the arts, due to their sensitive and creative mind. They always find their career and opportunity from a distant place. Their success must come after their diligence.
        They love to initiate new projects (they make excellent researchers) and have an urge to understand conceptions that are new to them. they think rapidly, are intuitive and often original, but are better at adapting than inventing and are at their best when working with colleagues of other types of character that compliment their own. They are strong-willed and good at organizing, a combination that gives them the ability to bring any project they undertake to a successful conclusion. Their generosity can be balanced by their extreme care at handling their resources.

        Forehead with pointed hairline (widow's peak)

        • Feminine
        • Villain
         The hair forms 2 archways that are linked in the middle of one’s forehead.
        Such people have to apply bigger efforts to be successful in studying and career. It’s a nice way out for them to combine studying with working. It’ll help them both in self-realization and education.
        This type of forehead is more for a woman. People have this forehead are very susceptible. If man has this type of forehead indicates that he tend to be feminine.
        In stories this trait is associated with a villain, such as in the case of Count Dracula.

        WEDNESDAY, 10 OCTOBER 2012

        What Do Your Hairs mean?


        The hair is said to help measure the inner strength of a woman.Hair makes a statement of its own. To look young, keep your hair in a youthful color and style. Style, texture, color, and length reflect personality, sexuality, from personality disorders.

        Curly? Straight? Fine? Thick? Hair - Everything means something according to Face Reading's ancient 2,000 year old psychological system. HAIR COLOR and TEXTURE are important as a way of describing the REAL you! Does it matter if your color is natural or 'from the salon?' No - it's the color YOU like (unless your salon person really blew it, and you're not a Blue hair type personality?!) - Usually your color will reflect your inner qualities.

        Here are some general meanings for each HAIR TYPE from the Face Reading system: (Keep in mind that for a character analysis you need to see all the facial features and put them together.
        Here are some thoughts about Hair color and what it means for you!

        HAIR COLOUR is a facial feature that can be real or from a box!, but the hair color one chooses reflects a a person's inner nature - the way she/he likes to feel, her inner spirit. Below are specific psychological meanings that are accurate for a person with each HAIR .

        BLACK HAIRS: (means:) strong willed, intense, dominant. On a Date they might be like: "Impress me. Show me what you've got. Why should I be interested in you? Tell me .

        • ·       Shows one´s respect, sake, movement.
        • ·       Jet black and thick hair indicate that the person is full of good qualities.
        • ·       Those who have black colored hair are thought to be lucky and wealthy.
        • ·       Dark hair is a sign of deep and powerful emotions.

        BROWN HAIRS (mean:) family oriented, looks for emotional warmth and sincerety in  others.On a Date they might be like: "Before we get serious, I need you to meet my children. Let's see if they like you."
        Brown hair is a sign of much deep feeling.

        BLONDE HAIRS (mean:) sunny disposition, confident, fun loving. On a Date they might be like: "Let me give you these donuts for your morning break." "What else can we do for this (angry) client to win back his business to the firm?"

        • ·       Light blond hair : Daydreamer.
        • ·       Gold blond hair : Tender, coward.
        • ·       Long, flat, thin blond hair : Low resolution.

        AUBURN HAIRS– Auburn hair shoes a nature capable of appreciating the poetical and sentimental.

        RED HAIRS (mean:) - dynamic,  dramatic, intense, fiery, emotional personality.
        On a Date they might be like: "I'm very passionate and need someone who is also." "Do you feel deeply about things?"
        Red hair women are considered to be of ill temper and quarrelsome in nature.

        GREY HAIRS:
        Grey hair color is no longer a sign of aging. It has become a symbol of maturity and reliability. Going grey means coming close to nature. It is showing your true color and feeling pride in wearing grey. One can prevent ones hair from growing grey but one could certainly make the silver hair shine and smile. If you are afraid of hair turning silver then it should be a matter of pride for you.
        Silver is the natural color. It is a gift from nature and you should take this gift with pride. Instead of coloring your silver hair when going out, you should try to keep them healthy, shiny and bouncy. Look at some grey haired celebrities and find how the comb, style and take of their silver head. One good thing about grey head is that it doesn’t require much maintenance. Or in other words, wearing grey would rid you from coloring your head.


        COARSE HAIRS (mean:) love of the outdoors, strong body energy

        Very coarse hair indicates some bluntness of character.

        CURLY HAIRS(mean:) fun loving, funny, playful nature.

        Very curly hair indicates a fanciful, enthusiastic nature, and frequently a curly temper.

        FINE HAIRS (mean:) sensitive nervous system. If stressed, may have digestive problems.
        Hair that naturally lies very flat over the head is a sign of a rather negative, dependent nature.

        HARD HAIRS (mean:)  Hard and stubborn nature.
        DENSE AND HARD: Authoritarian and hard.
        STRAIGHT AND HARD: Snob and arrogance.    

        STRAIGHT HAIRS (mean:) direct, straight forward, says what they mean.
        Very straight hair shows a tendency to be uniform in manner.

        THICK HAIRS: Action oriented, less likely to take things personal, fierce, quantity is more important, prefer physical sex over romance.

        • Women with thick, coarse and wild hair are said to have very high physical as well as mental strength. These women are thought to maintain great resilience in their lives..
        • They have great recuperative powers and may like a challenge in life.
        • A head full of hair means the man is intelligent. Thick and rough hair means he may be poor.
        • Jet black and thick hair indicate that the person is full of good qualities.
        THIN(slim)HAIRS : Women with thin, silky hair are said to be sensitive in nature.

          * The average bald man in America has an IQ of 119 which is above the average man’s IQ of 115. Since the sample size was so large, it proves statistically that bald men are smarter than men with hair.
          A new study indicates men who choose to go bald by shaving their heads are perceived as being more masculine, even taller and physically stronger — although less attractive than men with a full head of hair.


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