Thursday, October 30, 2014

Once a King's son Got lost....

Once a King's son Got lost.
The king announced that whoever gets him will be rewarded with whatever he asked for-even if it was half of his Kingdom!
All people went searching. Rivers, mountains, jungles, forests and all other places but failed to relocate the boy.
Finally a poor man got the prince. That poor man lived in the forest, and when he got the boy, he took him directly to 
the King for his reward.
When he reached at the gate, the two gate men threatened him that he must divide the reward he gets to them or else they will kill him.

The devil was beginning its work. But he must be defeated with the Blood of God.

The Poor man agreed and accepted to share them his reward.
He entered, and was brought before the king with the prince.
The king was the happiest man,
He then told the Poor man to say his reward and that it would be given to him, under the kings seal.
The poor man said he wanted strongest men in the kingdom to get sticks and flog him with 200 strokes.
The king was furious with the Poor man's decision and he said he can't do such a wicked thing to someone who saved his son's life.
But the Poor man insisted and his reward was brought, sticks and two men ready to flog the poor man.
Before he was flogged, he said that there are two men at the gate who said they must share his gift or else they kill him, and there for the poor man ordered them to be brought and they share the reward.
The two men were flogged each 100 strokes.
The king was happy with the wisdom of a poor man and he gave him more rewards, like land and cattle. He also made him a chief.
He became furious with the two gate men and they were made slaves all there lives serving the poor man who was now a chief.

A Prize cannot be shared forcefully but instead if you try, you pay the price.
There are many people who envy what God has given to you not knowing it's your reward from God coz of serving, loving and trusting Him.
However much they will try to steal your reward, you will overcome them and God will make you prosper over them.


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