Wednesday, October 22, 2014

20 Of The Most Stunning Cakes

1. Eat your heart out, Ice Age fans!

2. Jupiter is a lot more delicious up close.

3. For your super preppy friend.

4. Grab a fork, Van Gogh enthusiasts.

5. Christmas can happen ANY time of year when you make cakes into ornaments!

To be clear, though, Christmas music ought NOT to happen any time of year.

6. The blue-ringed octopus is the most venomous octopus in the Ocean...but the cake looks great!

7. The most magical cake of all.

You're a wizard, cake.

8. The book worm cake.

9. The cake for your friend who has a growing interest in archaeology.

10. The PERFECT cake for Earth Day.

There really is no better Earth Day cake.

11. The wise cake....


12. Half of this cake is finished...half is still under construction!

13. The Rocky Balboa cake.


14. For the budding zoologist.

15. When you see an elephant fly...

16. The cake that looks suspiciously like Mike Wazowski.

Mike, is that you?

17. The cheese cake (see what we did there?).

18. Duh nuh...duh nuh...duh nuh duh nuh duhnuhduhnuh CAAAAAKE!

19. The cake that is a gamer at heart.

20. And, of course, the cake that is a DRAGON at heart.


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