Wednesday, October 22, 2014

12 Science Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Scientists have turned tequila into diamonds.

Scientists heated unaged, 80-proof tequila and discovered that the vapors turned into diamond films when placed on stainless steel plates.

2. Splenda was discovered by accident.

A scientist asked his colleague to "test" the chemical and he heard "taste" the chemical. It's a good thing the results were so sweet!

3. Cumulus clouds weigh about the same as 80 elephants.

4. The pink area of the inner eye is an evolutionary leftover.

It's the remnants of an inner eyelid. It's called the Plica Semiluminaris.

6. The human mind is able to take in 1.1 million pieces of information per second.

We are only conscious of about 40 of them.

7. One person's veins could circle the Earth two and a half times.

8. Burping in space is impossible.

The absence of gravity makes it impossible to separate liquid from gas in the stomach

9. The male platypus is poisonous.

It's hind feet contain venom.

10. New animals are discovered daily.

This pygmy chameleon was discovered in Mozambique.

11. Koalas sleep 22 hours a day on average.

12. The Earth travels through space at 67,000 miles per hour.

It turns at 1,000 miles per hour.


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